Laws of Satiation (pt.VI)

Here i would like to discuss why exactly a perceived “ass” is so much more successful in attracting girls than a supposed “Nice Guy!”. A nice guy usually thinks, “Hey i am kind, why does she like assholes like that guy?”

The main point here for a person to understand is the fact that no one can judge whether someone is kind or not. They can only effectively gauge what you are showing them.

There are a few things you can do to effectively increase your perceived kindness over the first few meetings: (God help me, i’m gonna list them all)

  • Walk on the street side of the road
  • Hold her hand over unsteady terrain
  • Let her go through the door first
  • Grab things if they are too high
  • (If you have money) Pay bill when she is in the bathroom
  • She sits first,she orders first, she eats first
  • Ask “Are you cold?”, “Are you doing ok?”,”How have things been?” A lot
  • Notice right away when she changes her hair
  • Tell her she is pretty/hot all the time
  • Show her you remember important dates eg: First time meeting etc (I suck at this)
  • Always walk her as far as you can drop her
  • Notice when her glass is empty and fill it up
  • Tell her not to push herself too hard
  • COMPLIMENT HER(Specially in front of others)
  • Never text her to meet up, let her decide
  • If you have an abrupt stop while driving put your hand on her lap (Thank me later)
  • Arrive at a meeting place earlier
  • If there is only one menu hold it up for her(works well in bars)
  • When she puts on her coat/jacket casually get up, stand behind her and help
  • Pay attention to EVERYONE in parties and such
  • When you say goodbye, turn back once
  • Walk at the same pace
  • Always write her little notes of appreciation
  • Don’t wake up first, give her time to do her make up

The above are a few things you can effectively do in order to emulate being a very kind person. These may seem like very common sense but you will be surprised tto know how well it works!


Laws of Satiation (Pt V)

From here on out we are working on interaction and how to effectively carry out the said interaction so as it leads to a result. (Preferably while you are hanging out!)

Lesson 7:

Subtle Prediction

A human being cannot function without the following four aspects of life:

  1. Money
  2. Social Interaction
  3. Fitness/ health
  4. Dreams


If you can keep the above four aspects in mind, you can make conversations flow in a smooth and natural manner. Now you may ask, “Hey Mohit, that is good and all but how do I bring all this up?”

It will usually be a main topic. The way you package that topic is what I call “Subtle Prediction”. My default way of asking is always

“Are you preparing for something?”

It has the ability to divulge in all the above natural aspects of life “Money”, “Social Interaction”, “Fitness/health” and most importantly “Dreams”.

Most of the times you can ask a person about their dreams, it leads to interesting and meaningful conversations. If you can use the double bind and Direction method you can have a blast!

Lesson 8:


This is by far one of the most important thing one has to know in order to realize whether the conversation is going well or not!

EOI- It stands for Expression of Interest.

Now the main thing that you should realize is the fact that her showing EOI DOES NOT MEAN SHE LOVES YOU!! It means she is interested in the conversation!

EOI serves as a very good compass for people with lesser experience to gauge the situation with a set of parameters and to know how you are progressing.

I will start with the biggest Expression of Disinterest:

Scratching of Legs

It usually means she is nervous. “I wanna get out of here” will be shown by her body.

You might want to understand how scratching your legs means disinterest, If a person is nervous, it sends a message down your spine to the legs to get out of there! She will usually get an itch on her leg because her legs are not moving but her brain signaled her legs to move!

Crossing Arms

It’s a signature defensive mode.

Legs Facing the Other Way

Legs facing away from you means she wants to GTFO.

Common Expressions of Interest:

  1.  Playing with hair
  2.  Using more delicate language
  3.  Leaning towards you
  4.  Feet touching accidentally(If it happens multiple times) from her behalf [Happens to me a lot]
  5.  She mirrors your posture
  6.  She checks how she looks from time to time
  7.  Looking you in the eyes while talking (consistently)
  8.  Does not create distance if you have to move closer to her due to environmental factors such as someone passing from behind you etc!
  9.  Naturally agrees with what you say
  10.  Actively taking part in the conversation

There are some expressions which I call Expression of Liking, if she does this then you can safely assume she LIKES you[NOT LOVES]

  • She suggests you would make a good partner: example will be along the lines of
    “I bet if we wore those matching T-shirts, we will look great, Right?!”
    “If we do this together we would be unbeatable right?”
  • When you make suggestions she does not reject it. (biggest one)

There are girls who use fake EOI to bait you into spending money. I won’t give lessons on that coz for that life is the biggest teacher!






Laws of Satiation (Pt IV)

I am continuing from the previous lesson. Here I will give you a technique which minimizes a “No” from the opposing party to minimal level. It is handy when you want to ask a girl out on a date!

Lesson 5

The Double Bind

As a person approaching you are most often deterred by the ability of a girl/guy to say “No”. What if i told you that you can seal off a person’s ability to say no?

This technique (after some research I got to know) is called the Double Bind.

This technique allows you to pave a direct path to how you want to lead your conversations.

Let us take the following conversation into consideration:

Man: Hey you wanna go watch a movie with me on Saturday?

Woman: Ah, I’m sorry I have something on Saturday 😦

This is a rejection that most people will come across. It is the default method a girl rejects you by! (Respectfully of course)

Now let us look at ways you can minimize the risk of rejection:

Man: Hey you wanna meet up with me on Saturday? or on Sunday?

Here rather than having her think about whether she wants to see you this weekend.. you have successfully made her forget about the aforementioned fact and instead directed her attention to which day is convenient to her.

Now this technique is pretty good, but used in conjunction with the next lesson almost has 100% desired results (If done in conjunction!)


Lesson 6

Rendered Direction

Let us take the following conversation as an example:

Man: Hey have you eaten anything?

First possible response

Woman: No I have not!

Best reply

Man: Oh I knew you looked famished! Come let’s eat. Wanna go to pizza hut or the cafe?
(A double bind)

Second Possible reply

Woman: Yes I have!

Best continuation

Man: Oh, that is why you looked energetic. I ate too. I’m going to get some soda! Which flavour do you want? Orange or lime?
(double bind)

Basically you can use rendered misdirection to keep the conversation within your expectation! It is shown in the flowchart below:

lesson 4

The entire concept here is the fact that you are leading the conversation where you decide the outcome! I will give you another example:

Imagine you want to borrow some notes from a really unapproachable yet smart girl:

You: Hey, You know about that one problem it’s tough to solve I heard! (Start of the rendered direction, stroking the ego)

Her: Yeah it was no problem for me I solved it! (Predicted answer)

You: Yesss! I knew you could solve it! (Second step to the rendered direction).
Could you show me how you did it?

Her: O..Okay!

You: Awesome, I wanna analyze it more carefully. I’m gonna give you back the notes by lunch? or by the end of the day? (Double bind)

Here you did not ask her whether you wanted could borrow, but made her think about when it is convenient for you to return HER notes.
These two techniques used in conjunction along with confidence can yield very effective results!



Laws of Satiation (Pt III)

From here on out, I am assuming you have worked on your fear of women and are willing to approach.  The following lessons are geared towards making Your results more desirable!

Lesson 4:


By opener I mean a good way to start a conversation!

A race starts with a whistle,  classes start when the bell rings and a human relationship starts with a conversation. When you have confidence and a natural smile, that’s enough of a warm up. Now is the time for you to test your lessons on the field!

What is critical in a conversation opener is to NEVER start a conversation with an apology. You NEVER start by saying something like “Excuse me!”. The above mentioned things signify a lack of charm.

Your goal is to have confidence and strike up a conversation. Let us take an instance where you were running in the morning in a park. You see an attractive girl taking a break, drinking water. I want you to put yourself in the girl’s shoes and imagine me approaching!

“Excuse me”

So what do you think the girl thinks?

I’ll give you a probable guess

Ugh, what does he want!

Now let us imagine me saying:

“Hey! Can I have some water please?”

She will give some to me without thinking! It has opened a door for me. Through this opportunity I can easily talk to her without much hostility! I have a lot more room to work as you have the water bottle as a common point!

There different types of openers:

  1. Situational Openers
    The openers that strike you because you are in a certain situation, like in this case running!
  2. Functional Openers
    These are default openers you can practice and work on which can be useful in a variety of cases.
    My Favourite is: “Hey I just noticed, Your mascara is absolutely amazing! Very rare to find someone who can beautify eyes in such an awesome way!”

Notice how my Functional Opener does not compliment her in terms of her appearance but compliments the work she put in to beautify herself! That is the key. If you notice her wearing a scarf say “Hey, that scarf is working wonders!Are you a fashion designer?” “Damn, you got a pretty awesome colour combo going in your dress! It’s impressive!”

Practice and master an opening that is light hearted and not geared towards lust! You can come up with something on your own, or can use the examples I just gave you, Instead of using scarf maybe use top, jeans etc.

Key things NEVER to say (No matter how true they are):

“Damn baby girl! Look at that ass!”

“What a nice rack you got there babe!”

“I’d love to hump you! Lets go out!”



Laws of Satiation (pt II.)

Lesson 3:

Redefine what you think failure means

One of the key things that I want to help combat is the fact that people think an unexpected outcome means that they have failed.

The diagram below show in more detail about what I want to say:

The Image below shows a girl that you have noticed. She is walking past you. You do not make an attempt to interact with her. This is a failure. You miss 100% of the shots you do not take. You just see her walk past!


Now imagine the fact that you have started talking to her. You with all courage ask her if she wants to hang out. She says that she has a boyfriend, You have to be considerate to the fact that she is committed and back down with grace and smile. Now most of you may think that it is a failure on your part! While you may be in dismay about the fact that you got “Rejected”. You got a result. This result you would never have got without trying.


The biggest misconception guys have is the fact that they have failed once you do not get your desired result but it is a result that you got after conquering your fears. Let me explain what happens when she says that she has a boyfriend

  1. You have given a chance to be able to gt to know you.
  2. It was her who lost the chance of a lifetime, not you!

The above facts are absolute gospel. Learn to live by them. Repeat it when you are brushing your teeth, when you are taking a shower.. whenever you get a small breathing room.

Now you know what you must do in order to face undesired results. We will now start the main lessons which are the basics with which you will start interacting.

Lesson 4:

Ooze Confidence or at least Fake it

100% of our insecurities come from the fact that we tend to think too low of ourselves.

Ask yourself,

Am I an alright guy?

Yes you are!(Always remember)

Now that you have it out of our way, we will begin with the pitfalls that most people fall into while chasing girls. The most common being

Spending too much money on girls

If money is all she wants it’s better to get a new girl. ANY girl worth her salt will think that you are trying to buy her. She will be intimidated by the fact that you are doting on her something that she herself cannot afford/ wished to buy herself!

I will introduce the terminology of  AFM : Average Frustrated Man!

AFM always listens to a girl’s problems, he always buys her the handbag she wants without ever consulting her. AFM gets rejected and says “Girls don’t like nice guys!”

AFM will always lose out on the girl because of two reasons:

  • Expectation of receiving affection due to what he did for her.
    (Women are emotional creatures, they much prefer how you made them feel, an AFM makes them feel normal, like good friends)
  • He is a common commodity.
    (You can find people like AFM in every nook and cranny of the world, there is nothing really special about him.)

Now you have to set yourself apart form the AFM. You cannot leverage money! So what can you leverage?

Yourself and your time!

First you must know in your own mind(or fake that):

  1. You are a desirable commodity
  2. Your time spent is more valuable than any amount of money you could spend

You have to be confident in yourself and know what you have to offer. Now you may ask, what do i have to offer?

We are going to revise everything we have established about you as fact:

  1. You are an alright guy
  2. You respect her
  3. You can smile even in the scary situations
  4. You have a huge amount of self worth, you value your own time
  5. You are the one with courage to approach her

These 5 facts separate you form 99.99% of your competition.


Laws of satiation(Pt.I)

Before getting into this topic I would like to address a few questions.

Q) Hey Mohit, a girl rejected me badly… I want your help to win her over. Will this help?

A) Nope. This is only meant for self improvement. Always try to improve yourself. Failures maketh a man.

Q) I wanna sleep with multiple girls in a short period of time. Will this help?

A) It might but it is highly unlikely. Getting into bed with a girl is a matter of great trust that the girl is willing to show on you. If you do not have basic respect towards girls and see them as objects to fulfill your carnal desires, you will mostly be in deep shit.

Q) Hey Mohit, I have never had a girl. I really like this girl, I wanna go out with her. Will your laws help me?

A) If it is your first time there is a 90% chance of you failing. It’s necessary for you to have practice.

These are just a few questions that will clear up the kind of person you need to be for this to be effective.

Often people chase after girls not having goals, just looking at external features. They will mostly never be happy. Give your approach a meaning. Only way to not go insane.


With this I will start with Lesson 1:


Gynophobia is the fear of women. It affects many people, (almost 98% of people between 14-68 years) in some way or the other.

Let me clarify, it is the fear of what a woman might think of you when you approach her!

It might look like a legitimate concern. But it can be easily tasked out by knowing just one thing: Women are human beings like us. They too have the feeling of embarrassment not only on the level of Men but to a far higher degree. More than you being in pressure to act accordingly, they are in pressure to respond accordingly.

Your fear of women should never hold you back in terms of interacting with them.

Here are a few exercises which will help you overcome your fears of women and see them as people:

  • If a lady is sitting next to you in a public transport begin small talk on :
    The weather, The condition of the transport, Is she feeling comfortable  or does she want more space.
  • While going to a restaurant, there are attendants:
    Ask her how long she has been standing, what her shifts are like..etc (Any one of these, not both otherwise you look creepy)

At first you should not be able to talk, the hesitation will kick in. But persevere and try to keep a target of having a conversion of one line. Next week or day, two lines, so on and so forth.

You will have had to make small talk to at least 30 women to have your GYNOPHOBIA supressed. If you get past the talking to 30 women give yourself a pat on the back!


Lesson 2:


A great smile is a man’s greatest weapon.

This exercise is a must for anyone looking to go forward in this post.


Sure people will think that it’s weird, that is the reaction we are looking for!

People will mock you for smiling. Say “I’m smiling because I am happy!”. You will be uncomfortable. You will be hard-pressed to give up. But should you?

The entire purpose of the task i s for you to condition your lips to impart a smile naturally even when you are absolutely intimidated, scared or even out of your comfort zone.

If you complete this task, you will notice 2 things:

1. How much easier things are once you smile.

2. People are more likely to talk to you in a good manner if you smile.

You conditioning yourself to smile is the first prerequisite for the SEDUCTION to work. No one likes a grumpy cat. Everyone like a happy bear. Specially women! While approaching a smile is KEY!