Laws of Satiation (pt.VI)

Here i would like to discuss why exactly a perceived “ass” is so much more successful in attracting girls than a supposed “Nice Guy!”. A nice guy usually thinks, “Hey i am kind, why does she like assholes like that guy?”

The main point here for a person to understand is the fact that no one can judge whether someone is kind or not. They can only effectively gauge what you are showing them.

There are a few things you can do to effectively increase your perceived kindness over the first few meetings: (God help me, i’m gonna list them all)

  • Walk on the street side of the road
  • Hold her hand over unsteady terrain
  • Let her go through the door first
  • Grab things if they are too high
  • (If you have money) Pay bill when she is in the bathroom
  • She sits first,she orders first, she eats first
  • Ask “Are you cold?”, “Are you doing ok?”,”How have things been?” A lot
  • Notice right away when she changes her hair
  • Tell her she is pretty/hot all the time
  • Show her you remember important dates eg: First time meeting etc (I suck at this)
  • Always walk her as far as you can drop her
  • Notice when her glass is empty and fill it up
  • Tell her not to push herself too hard
  • COMPLIMENT HER(Specially in front of others)
  • Never text her to meet up, let her decide
  • If you have an abrupt stop while driving put your hand on her lap (Thank me later)
  • Arrive at a meeting place earlier
  • If there is only one menu hold it up for her(works well in bars)
  • When she puts on her coat/jacket casually get up, stand behind her and help
  • Pay attention to EVERYONE in parties and such
  • When you say goodbye, turn back once
  • Walk at the same pace
  • Always write her little notes of appreciation
  • Don’t wake up first, give her time to do her make up

The above are a few things you can effectively do in order to emulate being a very kind person. These may seem like very common sense but you will be surprised tto know how well it works!