Laws of Satiation (Pt V)

From here on out we are working on interaction and how to effectively carry out the said interaction so as it leads to a result. (Preferably while you are hanging out!)

Lesson 7:

Subtle Prediction

A human being cannot function without the following four aspects of life:

  1. Money
  2. Social Interaction
  3. Fitness/ health
  4. Dreams


If you can keep the above four aspects in mind, you can make conversations flow in a smooth and natural manner. Now you may ask, “Hey Mohit, that is good and all but how do I bring all this up?”

It will usually be a main topic. The way you package that topic is what I call “Subtle Prediction”. My default way of asking is always

“Are you preparing for something?”

It has the ability to divulge in all the above natural aspects of life “Money”, “Social Interaction”, “Fitness/health” and most importantly “Dreams”.

Most of the times you can ask a person about their dreams, it leads to interesting and meaningful conversations. If you can use the double bind and Direction method you can have a blast!

Lesson 8:


This is by far one of the most important thing one has to know in order to realize whether the conversation is going well or not!

EOI- It stands for Expression of Interest.

Now the main thing that you should realize is the fact that her showing EOI DOES NOT MEAN SHE LOVES YOU!! It means she is interested in the conversation!

EOI serves as a very good compass for people with lesser experience to gauge the situation with a set of parameters and to know how you are progressing.

I will start with the biggest Expression of Disinterest:

Scratching of Legs

It usually means she is nervous. “I wanna get out of here” will be shown by her body.

You might want to understand how scratching your legs means disinterest, If a person is nervous, it sends a message down your spine to the legs to get out of there! She will usually get an itch on her leg because her legs are not moving but her brain signaled her legs to move!

Crossing Arms

It’s a signature defensive mode.

Legs Facing the Other Way

Legs facing away from you means she wants to GTFO.

Common Expressions of Interest:

  1.  Playing with hair
  2.  Using more delicate language
  3.  Leaning towards you
  4.  Feet touching accidentally(If it happens multiple times) from her behalf [Happens to me a lot]
  5.  She mirrors your posture
  6.  She checks how she looks from time to time
  7.  Looking you in the eyes while talking (consistently)
  8.  Does not create distance if you have to move closer to her due to environmental factors such as someone passing from behind you etc!
  9.  Naturally agrees with what you say
  10.  Actively taking part in the conversation

There are some expressions which I call Expression of Liking, if she does this then you can safely assume she LIKES you[NOT LOVES]

  • She suggests you would make a good partner: example will be along the lines of
    “I bet if we wore those matching T-shirts, we will look great, Right?!”
    “If we do this together we would be unbeatable right?”
  • When you make suggestions she does not reject it. (biggest one)

There are girls who use fake EOI to bait you into spending money. I won’t give lessons on that coz for that life is the biggest teacher!






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