Laws of Satiation (Pt IV)

I am continuing from the previous lesson. Here I will give you a technique which minimizes a “No” from the opposing party to minimal level. It is handy when you want to ask a girl out on a date!

Lesson 5

The Double Bind

As a person approaching you are most often deterred by the ability of a girl/guy to say “No”. What if i told you that you can seal off a person’s ability to say no?

This technique (after some research I got to know) is called the Double Bind.

This technique allows you to pave a direct path to how you want to lead your conversations.

Let us take the following conversation into consideration:

Man: Hey you wanna go watch a movie with me on Saturday?

Woman: Ah, I’m sorry I have something on Saturday 😦

This is a rejection that most people will come across. It is the default method a girl rejects you by! (Respectfully of course)

Now let us look at ways you can minimize the risk of rejection:

Man: Hey you wanna meet up with me on Saturday? or on Sunday?

Here rather than having her think about whether she wants to see you this weekend.. you have successfully made her forget about the aforementioned fact and instead directed her attention to which day is convenient to her.

Now this technique is pretty good, but used in conjunction with the next lesson almost has 100% desired results (If done in conjunction!)


Lesson 6

Rendered Direction

Let us take the following conversation as an example:

Man: Hey have you eaten anything?

First possible response

Woman: No I have not!

Best reply

Man: Oh I knew you looked famished! Come let’s eat. Wanna go to pizza hut or the cafe?
(A double bind)

Second Possible reply

Woman: Yes I have!

Best continuation

Man: Oh, that is why you looked energetic. I ate too. I’m going to get some soda! Which flavour do you want? Orange or lime?
(double bind)

Basically you can use rendered misdirection to keep the conversation within your expectation! It is shown in the flowchart below:

lesson 4

The entire concept here is the fact that you are leading the conversation where you decide the outcome! I will give you another example:

Imagine you want to borrow some notes from a really unapproachable yet smart girl:

You: Hey, You know about that one problem it’s tough to solve I heard! (Start of the rendered direction, stroking the ego)

Her: Yeah it was no problem for me I solved it! (Predicted answer)

You: Yesss! I knew you could solve it! (Second step to the rendered direction).
Could you show me how you did it?

Her: O..Okay!

You: Awesome, I wanna analyze it more carefully. I’m gonna give you back the notes by lunch? or by the end of the day? (Double bind)

Here you did not ask her whether you wanted could borrow, but made her think about when it is convenient for you to return HER notes.
These two techniques used in conjunction along with confidence can yield very effective results!



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