Laws of Satiation (Pt III)

From here on out, I am assuming you have worked on your fear of women and are willing to approach.  The following lessons are geared towards making Your results more desirable!

Lesson 4:


By opener I mean a good way to start a conversation!

A race starts with a whistle,  classes start when the bell rings and a human relationship starts with a conversation. When you have confidence and a natural smile, that’s enough of a warm up. Now is the time for you to test your lessons on the field!

What is critical in a conversation opener is to NEVER start a conversation with an apology. You NEVER start by saying something like “Excuse me!”. The above mentioned things signify a lack of charm.

Your goal is to have confidence and strike up a conversation. Let us take an instance where you were running in the morning in a park. You see an attractive girl taking a break, drinking water. I want you to put yourself in the girl’s shoes and imagine me approaching!

“Excuse me”

So what do you think the girl thinks?

I’ll give you a probable guess

Ugh, what does he want!

Now let us imagine me saying:

“Hey! Can I have some water please?”

She will give some to me without thinking! It has opened a door for me. Through this opportunity I can easily talk to her without much hostility! I have a lot more room to work as you have the water bottle as a common point!

There different types of openers:

  1. Situational Openers
    The openers that strike you because you are in a certain situation, like in this case running!
  2. Functional Openers
    These are default openers you can practice and work on which can be useful in a variety of cases.
    My Favourite is: “Hey I just noticed, Your mascara is absolutely amazing! Very rare to find someone who can beautify eyes in such an awesome way!”

Notice how my Functional Opener does not compliment her in terms of her appearance but compliments the work she put in to beautify herself! That is the key. If you notice her wearing a scarf say “Hey, that scarf is working wonders!Are you a fashion designer?” “Damn, you got a pretty awesome colour combo going in your dress! It’s impressive!”

Practice and master an opening that is light hearted and not geared towards lust! You can come up with something on your own, or can use the examples I just gave you, Instead of using scarf maybe use top, jeans etc.

Key things NEVER to say (No matter how true they are):

“Damn baby girl! Look at that ass!”

“What a nice rack you got there babe!”

“I’d love to hump you! Lets go out!”



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