Laws of satiation(Pt.I)

Before getting into this topic I would like to address a few questions.

Q) Hey Mohit, a girl rejected me badly… I want your help to win her over. Will this help?

A) Nope. This is only meant for self improvement. Always try to improve yourself. Failures maketh a man.

Q) I wanna sleep with multiple girls in a short period of time. Will this help?

A) It might but it is highly unlikely. Getting into bed with a girl is a matter of great trust that the girl is willing to show on you. If you do not have basic respect towards girls and see them as objects to fulfill your carnal desires, you will mostly be in deep shit.

Q) Hey Mohit, I have never had a girl. I really like this girl, I wanna go out with her. Will your laws help me?

A) If it is your first time there is a 90% chance of you failing. It’s necessary for you to have practice.

These are just a few questions that will clear up the kind of person you need to be for this to be effective.

Often people chase after girls not having goals, just looking at external features. They will mostly never be happy. Give your approach a meaning. Only way to not go insane.


With this I will start with Lesson 1:


Gynophobia is the fear of women. It affects many people, (almost 98% of people between 14-68 years) in some way or the other.

Let me clarify, it is the fear of what a woman might think of you when you approach her!

It might look like a legitimate concern. But it can be easily tasked out by knowing just one thing: Women are human beings like us. They too have the feeling of embarrassment not only on the level of Men but to a far higher degree. More than you being in pressure to act accordingly, they are in pressure to respond accordingly.

Your fear of women should never hold you back in terms of interacting with them.

Here are a few exercises which will help you overcome your fears of women and see them as people:

  • If a lady is sitting next to you in a public transport begin small talk on :
    The weather, The condition of the transport, Is she feeling comfortable  or does she want more space.
  • While going to a restaurant, there are attendants:
    Ask her how long she has been standing, what her shifts are like..etc (Any one of these, not both otherwise you look creepy)

At first you should not be able to talk, the hesitation will kick in. But persevere and try to keep a target of having a conversion of one line. Next week or day, two lines, so on and so forth.

You will have had to make small talk to at least 30 women to have your GYNOPHOBIA supressed. If you get past the talking to 30 women give yourself a pat on the back!


Lesson 2:


A great smile is a man’s greatest weapon.

This exercise is a must for anyone looking to go forward in this post.


Sure people will think that it’s weird, that is the reaction we are looking for!

People will mock you for smiling. Say “I’m smiling because I am happy!”. You will be uncomfortable. You will be hard-pressed to give up. But should you?

The entire purpose of the task i s for you to condition your lips to impart a smile naturally even when you are absolutely intimidated, scared or even out of your comfort zone.

If you complete this task, you will notice 2 things:

1. How much easier things are once you smile.

2. People are more likely to talk to you in a good manner if you smile.

You conditioning yourself to smile is the first prerequisite for the SEDUCTION to work. No one likes a grumpy cat. Everyone like a happy bear. Specially women! While approaching a smile is KEY!



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